8MW is a totally radical pro wrestling business sim and collectible card game, set in pop culture's greatest decade! It's out now for Apple and Android devices!

Wrestlers, tag teams, managers, commissioners, interviewers and more! Each character is totally original while also inspired by the greatest decade in pop culture history! It’s piledriving parody at its finest!

Great! Because you’ll become the owner of your own 80’s inspired wrestling fed when you play 8MW! And best believe that you’ll need to earn mucho Game Cash while playing in order to succeed! How you ask? By hiring talent and running wrestling shows, that’s how! Each in-game calendar week you’ll host another show filled with matches, mic spots, skits, championship matches and more! That’s to say nothing of the uniquely themed Pay-4-View super shows you’ll put on each month!

Like a good business sim?

What is 80s Mania Wrestling?

Over 100 totally awesome characters flesh out the 8MW universe!

Enjoy collectible card games?

Good! Because that’s a huge part of 8MW! We've put our own unique spin on it too. Don’t just “collect cards”…”hire wrestlers” instead! If you’re a CCG fan you’ve probably heard terms for cards like Rare, Uncommon and Common. Well our wrestler cards work the same way. But instead of Commons we like to call them Curtain Jerkers. Uncommons we refer to as Mid-Carders, and of course the Rare wrestlers are the Main Eventers!